About Snippets

All the Snippets items, from 2014 up to present date, have been relocated to the site below, with only the current 2 months being retained on this blog.


About Snippets

Here is an opportunity to move on from the neat drawn shorthand of the instruction book and increase your ability to read less-than-perfect outlines. The shorthand may be untidy and wobbly but they are all dictionary correct outlines.

These snippets of shorthand will help towards sharpening your skills in quick recognition of outlines that have degenerated towards scrawl, have few vowel signs, no notepad line and written with a variety of pens, pencils and other implements. As there is no key provided, other than a single hint word, you have to rely entirely on your knowledge of shorthand. This is just like real life assignments, where you only have your notes to go on, unless you have an audio recording, person or paperwork to consult for a particular detail, or can remember what was said. It may be that you do not have the liberty of editing your transcript to cover gaps, and if verbatim is required, you must read back correctly every single mark you have written, whether perfect or wayward.

There will always be the unexpected spurt of fast talking that stretches your ability and affects the legibility of the outlines. Sometimes an unusual word/outline upsets and delays your flow of writing, and so the following outlines are hurried and end up being badly formed, even though they might be normal common words that you know well. Apart from practising reading untidy shorthand, the real remedy is to increase your skill and speed, so that you can write legibly at the speeds which are being required of you.

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